# Another Auth

# Create

Apart from Admin section, you can make a another auth


php artisan multiauth:make {guard}

here {guard} means the name of your auth. For example, if you want to create another auth for students then you run php artisan multiauth:make student

After you run this command you will get steps in which files has been added/changed. For Make

# Email Verified

This is fully compatible with laravel MustVerifyEmail trait, so that you can make user to must verify email. click here more details.

If you need to have some route behind verified middleware, then you can use {guard}.verified for example, if you have created a student guard then to protect student home page with email verified route you can add middleware like this inside routes/student.php file


Route::get('/', 'HomeController@index')->name('student.dashboard')->middleware('student.verified');

# Rollback

You can rollback this auth also if you want.


php artisan multiauth:rollback {guard}

This command will show you steps to rollback and file that has changed/removed. For Rollback