# Version Guidance

# JWT API version

  • If you want to use this package while creating API, you can install jwt-auth version.
  • This branch has all the api with proper response and no views or blade files
  • This version uses tymon/jwt to create authentication token

composer require bitfumes/laravel-multiauth:dev-jwtauth

JWT Auth Docs

Check out full documentation for JWT Auth version Click Here

Or you can switch documentation from navbar branch tab

# Laravel Versions

Laravel version Branch Install
5.4 5.4 composer require bitfumes/laravel-multiauth:5.4.x-dev
5.5 5.5 composer require bitfumes/laravel-multiauth:5.5.x-dev
5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 6.0 Master composer require bitfumes/laravel-multiauth